Top 10 Gay Destinations For Sex Tourists

Top 10 Gay Destinations For Sex Tourists

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Just recently, we told you about why certain places are so popular among tourists looking for gay sex. This time we decided to tell you about the most popular cities in which gay sex is booming, and gay pilgrims go there to satisfy their uncontrollable flesh. Without further ado and with brief comments, we represent these cities.

10. Marrakech, Morocco

While in Muslim Morocco homosexuality is outlaw, gay sex there lived, lives and will live. Close and friendly relations between unmarried men with sexual games – it is quite an everyday norm. After football one guy can fuck his friend. This is tacit and secret tradition, and is unlikely to Moroccans define their actions as “homosexual.” And certainly do not contribute anything “romantic” in their experience.

In the second half of the XX century Marrakech has been a popular gay resort, but the police started to stop it as a gay prostitution in the country has become very noticeable. However, today this place is in high demand. And all because the boys are – well, just delicious. The hottest blood, African, Arabic, Spanish, French, mixed in their veins. In addition, they do not disdain to do gay sex! What else is needed to generate lots of buzz among gay tourists?

There no gay clubs and gay saunas, of cuz. Nevertheless, a good half of the local unmarried guys will not mind to be in your bed. Most of them do it for the money. But for sex tourists it’s not a hindrance. In addition, the true professionals will always find free gay sex free, if not with a local, then with a tourist!

9. Barcelona, Spain

From Africa we are moving in the civilized Europe. Spain – a country of gentle but powerful amigos, which dreams to enjoy with every second gay sex trainee. In Spain you can already do not hide who you are. Gay life here is open and diverse, full of gay establishments, with are held annual gay pride parades.

Barcelona – is no exception. There are three gay beaches, which are stuffed with the guys nimble on gay sex. There are about 30 gay bars and gay disco and there is very difficult miss of the same sex seeker. And there are seven alluring gay saunas, where sexual fantasies becomes reality.

8. Berlin, Germany

From one European city are moving to other. The Germans never never presented themselves of something unusual or exotic in terms of appearance. But if we compare the different nations on the subject of sexual ability, the Germans will give odds to all! Skilled and insightful, they know a lot about gay sex, measure of distortions, and most importantly – they can feel the partner. With such knowledge and love to have sex, they could not set up in their country the opportunity to do it.

Berlin is the capital and largest city of Germany, in which gathered the most delicious guys. If you want to taste something of the German you should go to Berlin. Totally there are about 150 gay bars and gay clubs in the city, many of it with a dark rooms; more than a dozen gay-saunas, the most popular of it are the Lab-oratory (at Berghain) and Treibhaus Sauna.

7. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

From Europe we are carrying you in North America. Mexico: the homosexual community has only recently started to wake up after soporific injections of the Roman Catholic Church. But under the influence of such a powerful neighbor as the United States, the gay life today can offer all the the fun and enjoyment.

In Puerto Vallarta traditionally hanging out a lot of tourists from the USA and Canada. In conjunction with local voluptuous they represent a mass with unprecedented opportunities for the gay sex. Puerto Varlyarta is city of gay parties with plenty of bars and clubs. There is a popular gay beach, which entered the top five of the best gay beaches in the world.

6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Returning you back to Europe. Amsterdam – this word has become a household name and became a matter of mean crazy gay sex. Even though it is not the 80-s, however, tourists of all ages and orientations still go in this city in search of carnal pleasures. And find it there!

The city has dozens of gay bars and gay clubs with dark rooms in which you can be with the one you picked up, or who picked up you. In addition, the city has a gay movie theater and guys go there not for the movie. There are also a number of gay saunas, one of which appears in the list 15 top gay saunas. And after the sun goes down a lot of guys go to the parks to find there gay sex. In general, the capital of the Netherlands is still rocks!

5. Bangkok, Thailand

It’s time to move you in Asia. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok city, long time ago won the title sex capital of the world. In Bangkok, it is impossible to count all the ways to find a sexual partner, and a likelihood you will do here sex is 99.9%.

There are a few gay areas, dozens of gay venues, a few hundred prostitute men and thousands of ordinary, but the mind-blowing Thai boys in the city. To find a partner you can use all methods you know. We particularly recommend a gay sauna Babylon. At evening you can walk in the park Lumpini which is close to the gay area Silom. At night you can go to a gay disco DJ Station.

But be attentive – venereal diseases in this city are just simply prosper…

4. New York, USA

Moving from Asia to North America. Some people ask this question: whether all men in New York City are gays? It seems that the city has accumulated just only gays. But no sense to describe New York. Everyone at once should visit it. We can say only: that city has everything and even more to find gay sex. Nowhere in the world you will find such a variety of guys (whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, Arabs, Indians and even Papuans) and the gay spots (saunas, sex clubs, bars, disco). But again, we warn you about sexually transmitted diseases – according to statistics every fifth man in new York who practice sex with men is HIV-positive.

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

From North America make a jump to South America. And as we closer to the first place of list as higher a temperature and hotter guys. It is time to focus on Latinos. They are all perfectly! They are cuties, but they have strong and beautiful bodies, and they also have something in pants! Sex with them may be on a brink of a possible because just a smell of these guys drives you crazy!

What about gay life in Buenos Aires? Everything is alright there! Because it’s the first Latin American country legalized gay marriage. And it’s the first country in the world gave unprecedented rights for transgenders. So in the capital of that country opportunities for sex should be on the top.

There are several gay cinema, more than a dozen gay saunas, hundreds of clubs and bars, where you can get an naughty angel in the Argentine capital. Lazy may easily find the escort man, and very horny may easily find partners among both local and numerous tourists.

2. Tel Aviv, Israel

At the end of 2012 this Israeli city was named the most popular gay destination. We believe that this figure speaks for itself. Essentially say that the city has a beautiful and bustling gay beach, pair wonderful gay saunas, a lot of gay bars and gay clubs.

There are a very active and vibrant gay community In Tel Aviv. Plus add to that thousands of sex tourists who come there just for sake of gay sex. We are sure Tel Aviv is deserve to be on the second position of this ranking.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This city has long claimed to be the most popular destinations for gay travel, but nobody has given that status. However we are happy to hand the title of best city for gay sex to brazil Rio de Janeiro!

There are more than 5 gay beaches, more than 15 gay saunas and sex clubs, more than 150 gay bars, pubs, clubs and discos in Rio de Janeiro. In addition gay prostitution are very developed there. The city is visited by thousands of gay travelers each year. We have no doubt that this city stands on the top of the rankings because the Brazilian guys are so hot, charming and sexy.