The Intricate Beauty and Pleasure of Masturbation

The Intricate Beauty and Pleasure of Masturbation

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No matter what your buddies tell you, there is not one right way to satisfy yourself. On the contrary, if you keep getting the same kind of thing, it can happen that you get bored at one point or another. There are countless methods of increasing sexual arousal in masturbation.

Fast discharge and relaxation

If you want to have a fast ejaculation, this usually works better if you concentrate fully on your penis, pressing it firmly or even the glands with your hand or rubbing it hard while tensing the muscles in your pelvis or if you press the penis or the whole body against something and tighten your muscles. With pictures or other sources of excitement, you can additionally increase the sexual excitement. So you come quickly to the discharge and the subsequent relaxation. The focus is on the goal. The enjoyment is often something on the track.

Enjoyment and more masculinity

Maybe you are not only interested in the destination, but also the way there. You can learn to feel your body well and then enjoy the sexual arousal before unloading more. These good feelings in your body and gender also make you feel more masculine. You can also control better when the ejaculation should take place – you not only hesitate out, but that makes you even fun. The women or men you have sex with will also benefit because you can better control your arousal. That makes you more confident.

High voltage can be problematic

There is a simple rule: tensing muscles increases arousal. But if you keep the muscles in the butt and also in the stomach and thighs too tight, the blood does not flow through so well. That makes you feel less. And where there is no sense is not a pleasure. In the case of young men, this lack of sense often causes them to lose control of when they come if that’s the case with you, you’re probably interested in this chapter. Due to the less good blood circulation, it can also happen that the erection does not work so well.

The solution: movement

Why is moving so well? Simple: Because muscles can not get into the high voltage. They constantly alternate between tension and relaxation, so the blood circulation is promoted. This is good for the excitement, the flair and the enjoyment. So if you are having sex, you have more of it. By “moving” we mean, above all, to move the pelvis loosely. We have written a whole text with exercises that we warmly recommend to every man. And the more you include your whole body in the movement, the more you will feel the sexual arousal in the whole body. This is of course much more intense than focusing on just one point.

Even more technology

In addition to the movement, abdominal breathing is a hot tip for sex because abdominal breathing is also good against high tension. So you feel better then. Finally, there are various ways to play with the muscles in the pelvis. So you can massage your penis so to speak from the inside – and excite. A rule of thumb is: The penis does not move itself, but the pelvis is the steering wheel of the penis. If you are fit when having sex in the pelvis, thank your sexual partners.

Enjoying takes time

Is urethral sounding painful? You can enjoy the masturbation, you should take at least fifteen minutes for it, better half an hour or more. At best, you choose a comfortable place for masturbation, for example, your bed. If there is a risk of unwanted visitors bursting into the room, lock the door or hang a “Do not disturb” sign and make it clear to your roommates that this sign is meant to be serious. The best way to enjoy yourself is in a pleasant environment, and when you do not have to stress.

Your excitability is not limited to the glands

We recommend that you explore your whole gender with your hand – so do not just touch the penis: your whole sex is full of sources of excitement – for example the scrotum. The more excitable places you discover, the more ways you learn to excite yourself. This makes the sex more fun in the long run. And if you know your body better, you can use it better when having sex with another person.

The whole range of touch – also with lubricant

There is, as I said, not the one right hand: every man feels differently, and each man finds out for himself, with what methods he likes to satisfy himself. Try different touches: fast, slow, strong, gentle. Let yourself be guided by your hands. If something feels good, keep going. You can also experiment with oil or other lubricant. Wet touches are usually more pleasant than dry ones. Oh by the way: Also during and after showering you can experiment with shower gel, body lotion and oil. You will notice that touch not only on the sex but also on the rest of the body is not only pleasant, but can also increase the excitement.

Fantasies, pictures, smell, taste

Not only touches, movements and play with the muscles are exciting, but also thoughts, pictures, fantasies. Look what you are all so through the head in the masturbation. The more different things you try and the more you move the more colorful and rich your fantasies become. And did you know that smell and taste can be sexually arousing? Run your hand through the hair on the scrotum and smell it afterwards. How do you like the smell? If you have an ejaculation, also try how you like the sperm (no, you cannot catch anything, it’s your own sperm).

Sex toys or just the other hand

When you grow up, you can let erotic shops advise you on everything that suits self-satisfaction for sex toys. On adult websites, someone had funny ideas on how you can make your own sex toys. We find variety good and have nothing against toys. But we also think that your own hand is an excellent sex toy because she also feels something and because you can use her in such different ways, and because you can also provide variety through different uses of your body. And here’s a hot tip: Use the other hand. You may be amazed how different that feels.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

We cannot stress this enough: one learns by repetition. You can also feel and excite yourself through repetition. Please read this text. If you understand why repetition is so important, you will probably be more patient. It may well be that you find something in the beginning simply interesting and not particularly exciting. If you have done it fifty times, you may suddenly think.

Targeted to practice sexual intercourse

In the case of masturbation, you can also specifically practice penetrating with your penis and getting excited about it. So you become a better lover and get more desire for sexual intercourse.

Why should I know about masturbation?

You may have read in this text for the first time that feeling is a matter of practice and takes time and repetition. Lack of knowledge can lead to problems. For example, some men think they cannot learn to control when they come. It is important that you know: You have a right to the right up-to-date information on sexuality.

But if you’re up for extreme satisfaction, head over to Lustplugs to find out more on urethral sounds. Masturbating will never be the same after that.