Everything You Need to Know About Penis Pumps

Everything You Need to Know About Penis Pumps

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Penis pump can be defined as a powerful vacuum pump which helps to treat moderate ED issues in men. Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem in men and affects their sexual, physical and psychological health big time. Yes, there are medications and surgeries to treat ED but both the procedures come with serious risk of side-effects. On the other hand, penis pumps are non-invasive treatment devices and assure a safe, painless experience. Moreover, these devices also promise no risk of severe side effects.

What makes a penile pump?

Here is a brief on the main components of penis pumps.

  • a ring or seal which fits around penis base
  • a tube which fits over penis
  • a vacuum (hand-powered or battery-powered) which removes the air from tube to trigger the desired erection

How does the pump work?

The first task of a penile pump is to generate a vacuum that eventually enhances penis girth or thickness. It works by enhancing volume of corpora cavernosa which holds blood necessary to trigger erection. Enlarged corpora cavernosa tissues will also lead to improved flow of blood to your penis.

Besides, a penile pump works to stretch suspensory ligament that increases its elasticity and helps your penis to lengthen during erection. Regular use of penile pump reduces risks of abnormal cavernosal fibrosis formation that might otherwise lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

Benefits of using penis pumps

Penis pumps assure a wide range of sexual, physical and psychological benefits for men.

Helps to handle moderate ED woes

This is certainly the most important benefit of using penis pumps.

Penis pumps enhance oxygenation level in penile tissues that improves blood flow as well as eliminates risks of unwanted cavernosal fibrosis. All these together work to prevent threats of ED. Not only that, proper blood and oxygen circulation in penis, also helps to enhance length and girth of penis that consequently improves frequency and quality of erections.

It’s to note here, penis pump can’t exactly “cure” erectile dysfunction permanently. But what it does is it makes the penis adequately firm and strong so that it can enjoy a healthy sexual intercourse.

Reduces risks of ED with age

It’s not uncommon to experience ED issues in your advanced years.  As per the doctors, you must keep your penis active lest it might lose out on its functionality. Regular usage of penile pumps assures a good exercise of penis which keeps it functional even as you age.

Better sex life and happy partner

It has been reported that men who actively use these pumps experience improved penis girth. Women usually prefer a solid girthy penis inside while having intercourse for stronger sexual stimulation. Thus, if you use these pumps regularly, you will be able to keep your lady happy and together both of you will enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Manages ED woes caused by disabilities or medical conditions

Certain disabilities and medical conditions could hamper normal sexual functionality of your penis. Even if you never had ED issues, some clinical conditions like cardiac diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, spinal injuries or diabetes might cause erectile dysfunction. Most of these ailments demand strong medications which leave a ghastly impact on health. Penis pumps will help you to maintain or restore normal erection power of your penis even if you suffer from these diseases.

There is a medical condition called Peyronie’s disease that leave you with bent or curved penis which affect your natural erection quality. Penis pumps would be amazingly beneficial here as well. The pump will help you to maintain sufficient penile length and girth so that you can enjoy a stress-free and easy erection.

Psychological benefits

Inability to have a proper erection can deal a severe blow to a man’s self-esteem and confidence. Many men feel themselves less of a man when they can’t achieve proper erection. These problems not only cast a bad spell on their sex life but might even take them down to severe depression. But, penis pumps can put all those worries to rest. As these pumps help to manage ED conditions effectively, they help to instill the lost confidence and self-respect in men. These devices reward them with a healthy and active sex life and keep the depression issues at bay.

Tip to use penis pump

First of all, you should not use the pump without proper guidance. A pelvic floor physio or your doctor will guide you on the right way to use penis pumps. Here are some steps that you will have to follow while fitting the pump in your body.

Step 1

First, you will have to place the pump tube over penis. It would be better if you can use a lube here. Apply the lube both on penis and on the body of the tube. A lubed up tube will ensure smooth fitting. Putting the tube on raw skin might cause some irritation or pain.

Step 2

As mentioned previously, these pumps are available in both hand-powered and battery-powered option. If you are using a manual pump, then squeeze it to remove air right from inside your tube. If it’s a battery-powered option, tuck the batteries inside and switch on the device.

As the pump squeezes out air right from your tube, there will be a change in the air pressure in the area. It will lead to increased blood flow in penile blood vessels which will trigger a solid erection in just minutes.

Step 3

Once you start feeling the erection, remove your tube and indulge in a passionate intercourse or foreplay.

Final words

There is a wide range of penis pumps available in the market but not all would be suitable for you. Experts always advise to get a comparative survey on at least 5-6 such devices before you make the final call. Check their reviews and customer ratings and settle with the most reputed of all, like those penis pumps from Lg. It would be better to go for a battery-operated pump to enjoy a hands-free squeeze. Finally, look for penis pumps that are made from body-safe materials to eliminate risks of painful discomfort and allergies.