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Meet the editors of thewoodsmanplay.com!


Fernando Oliver

Fernando brings over 5 years of experience in our team. He has worked in many gay magazines that enhanced his skills to help produce amazing contents. He loves traveling and be naughty at times. Just like most of our team members, he loves outdoor sex as it can allow him to appreciate nature while the sunlight hits his partner’s masculine body.


Ace Dela Cruz

Aside from having a keen eye on every detail of our articles, he also loves camping in the mountains. We bet you can’t guess his favorite gay movie! Being a remote employee of thewoodsmanplay.com, he is able to do this more often compared to when he was still writing for one of the top men’s magazines in his boring cubicle.


Enn Rikko Passion

He loves having sex outdoors which may or may not include our office’s parking lot. When he is not busy having sex, he shows up and starts proofreading our pile of articles submitted by our readers.


Gerardo Murphy

He is our editor-in-chief. He is one of the guys who started this site for outdoor gay porn enthusiasts to enjoy. He makes sure that all videos and articles are checked before being posted. During his free time, he loves riding his bike or join every LBTQ parties near the area.