Choosing the best sex toy for women is not tough job anymore

Choosing the best sex toy for women is not tough job anymore

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There are a huge number of all sorts of best sex toys for women, the category of such products is constantly growing, and now it is becoming more and more difficult to choose a standing masturbator. What are the requirements to be guided in order to acquire a truly high-quality and effective sex toy? Let’s talk about the features of masturbators that may affect the overall assessment of the device and anal toys for games that are popular right now.

Masturbator structure

If we are talking about realistic masturbators, then cyber skin, latex, silicone remain the best materials. These materials provide the most natural sensations similar to real sex.

Toy functionality

The use of primitive masturbators, which need to be set in motion with their hands, often does not give a full-fledged pleasure. Therefore, in order to feel the most vivid and strong feelings, it is best to purchase a masturbator, equipped with additional stimulating devices. This may be a vibro-module, a heating pad that imitates the heat of the female body, a mechanism that copies the contraction of vaginal muscles during orgasm, etc.

Type of masturbator

There are two types of toys for women: artificial vaginas, anus, mouths and auto-masturbators. And if everything is clear with toys that imitate feminine charms, then a few words should be said about the second type of masturbators. The auto-masturbator is a device that does not look like female genitals. Rather, it is like a box or a small tube. Here, several types of stimuli affect the male penis. For example, it may be tight rollers that mimic the entrance to the vagina; a rotating part that stimulates the head of the penis; elastic ribs acting on the trunk of the penis. Which type of device to choose let every man decide for himself? The only thing that needs to be remembered is that auto-masturbators often bring sensations that are much brighter and more unusual than classic sex.

Easy masturbator care

The ideal masturbator should be easy to clean and not require particularly complex care. In principle, all devices of this type are cleaned quite simply, the only exception being products made from cyber skin. The fact is that for the storage of such toys is required each time to process them with talcum powder, which is not very convenient.

Does penis size matter? This is a question that men care about the entire history of human existence. Answer it is not easy. The fact is that, firstly, it is often not the size but the skills of the man that matter. And secondly, not all girls love too large phalluses.

However, if we are not talking about male genitals, but about sex toys, a  large robotic sexual vibrator is still preferable. However, everything is also ambiguous here. For example, for girls who have just begun to have sex, the purchase of an overly large vibrator may end in unpleasant sensations and even micro trauma. In this case, it is better to start with classic vibrators, and only then move on to more voluminous ones.

A bit about the female vagina

The female vagina is an extremely extensible organ, and with a gradual increase in the size of the injected objects, it can be trained even for such piquant entertainment as fisting. It should be noted that for fisting manufacturers of sex toys have developed special vibrators of extremely large sizes. Therefore, now the partner’s hand in a special glove may well replace a huge vibrator made of cyber skin or latex. However, before plunging into the extreme world of fisting, you should still familiarize yourself with the safety techniques of this very tough sex game and not forget to get a suitable lubricant.

What kind of women can get  large vibrators without resorting to training? To meet sexual needs, increased vibrators are suitable for women who have given birth, women who have long been sexually active, and also for those who have large vagina size by nature.

The advantages of large size

What are the advantages of large vibrators over conventional ones? It’s all about the structure of the female genital organs. If an object of too small dimensions is inserted into the vagina, it will not be able to create the necessary tension on the walls of the vagina, and therefore fully stimulate the nerve endings in them. If we talk about vibrators, then a sufficient density of abutment of the toy case to the vaginal mucosa is even more important, since the effect in this case occurs with the help of vibration, and it is impossible to transmit sweet vibrations of the device without tight contact.

A large vibrator is a great way to get heavenly pleasure, but the choice of the size of this toy must be approached with the utmost attention and armed with appropriate knowledge. These are the plugs common with online dating as well as the plugs usually seen in public.