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Welcome to my blog! My name is Juan Stafford, and I am a travel blogger. I am an advocate of the LGBTQ community, and I love having sex! This blog is all about my travels, what I stand up for, and my sex adventures. The world is a beautiful and huge place, and if you are not meeting people, having fun with them, getting to know them, then what are you doing?

I have been to different countries around the world, and there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying the great outdoors. Well, there is one thing, actually. It’s being outdoor and having sex with all the cute guys I meet! Like what I have said, if you are not out there, enjoying life, then what are you doing? This blog is a collection of my articles that vary from travel guides, travel hacks, travel destinations, and ultimately – sex tips! I also review various sex toys for all the sex toy freaks out there! Ah! What a time to be alive! Please follow my adventures on this blog, my social media channels, and on my private mailing list. Make sure to subscribe and get the latest updates.